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II. Legal Notice

CLOTH THE WORLD , SL is the responsabiliza confidencialidad on sus datos personales y la Protección de su intimacy , fear ello conditions is as access to our page usuario RESPECT scrupulous las condiciones here establecidas and its ACCEPTANCE without reservation.

General conditions regulan the use of the web CLOTH THE WORLD , SL provides them free of charge to Internet users .

Terms of acceptance

The TO USE OF THE WEBSITE atribuye the conditions Username and express the full adhesión and without reservations to All and each of the general conditions publicadas from the time of your access . The TO USE of our services and contents express the unconditional ACCEPTANCE e volunteer our centralized terms and conditions.



CLOTH THE WORLD , SL reserves the Right to be unilaterally amend the website at any moment and sin previo aviso : the presentation , settings , modifications, and deletions los servicios y las current conditions for requeridas accessed. All the changes which would be implemented they will be in favor of the security of the information that we own remitan.


Conditions of access and use

The correct use the website as well as obligations todo su usuario TO USE lícitos fine for not contrarios los derechos e intereses of Terceros or own CLOTH THE WORLD SL u otra form deteriorates in prejudice Others users , its image and prestige.

CLOTH THE WORLD SL book is your right to prevent transmisión , and use that information broadcasts contravenga provisions , as long as su juicio Only , proves otherwise with the provisions of the general conditions:

a) You voluntariamente provides information true , accurate , complete and pertinente on sus datos personales , Entity or the company he so long as the system requiera.

b) responsible actualizar los datos proporcione to us.

c) If da us false information or Realiza actividades that pongan peligro in the security and speed of our language communications and services , CLOTH THE WORLD LTD reserves the Right Wing is unilaterally suspend your account or use of the service , either temporarily or permanently.

d) minors of age pretendan that the access and use of our services , parent or legal guardian will be responsible CLOTH THE WORLD SL ante cualquier prejudice caused , also will be responsible for the use of the information indebido obtenga Mediation por nuestra.

e ) Actions that involve a lack of ABIDE Express general conditions.

f ) Los users will agree not to transmit , or difundir you put in provisions Terceros ( with independence of the environment, correo electrónico abiertos or forums that I can use) :

Cualquier information or contravenga atente against Human Rights and Freedom in Public reconocidas constitucionalmente España por bien tratados International Norms EUROPEAN ordenamiento or by the law.

Incite information , or induzca promueva Actos delictivos , terrorists , degrading , libelous , ofensive , violents or laws contrary other internationally accepted.

The Cloth imparcialidad THE WORLD SL forces act against attitudes and ideas demonstrations discriminatorias cualquier fear motivates Whether raza , opinions, nacionalidad , Disability , sexo , ideology , ethnicity, religion , creencias , age , affiliation , ideas políticas , u otras personal or social conditions.

The RESPECT Tolerance and Diversity in.

Which includes information on or available pongan Products , Parts , Mensajería and / or services delictivos , violentos , pornographic or degrading the image that dañen , honor personal e intimacy.

Data or information cualquier ley vulnerable , especially of the secret Las communications, services of the Information Society , intimacy , honor , Public Order , Protection of minors, public health or consumers or users.

Documents or information which includes viruses electrónicos u otros Parts PHYSICAL electrónicos or go to puedan or prevent the normal funcionamiento of network , systems or equipos Informáticos them , or archivos Registros almacenados.

The user will be forced to review material from this website and check it cualquier Item harmful to your system information go stunk , like software viruses or malignant.

In particular, the user will not be compromised realizar las Siguientes conductas:

a) Use of these contents with the fine or efectos contrarios ley , las buenas y el orden Costumbres generalmente aceptadas international audience.

b) Copy , reproduce , difundir , distribute, transform or modify these contents , except Authorisation CLOTH OF THE WORLD , SL For Obtaining Permissions Username owes communicate with the direction siguiente : titis@titisclothing.com

c) Remove, Change, or manipulate them copyright notice, the Link of the legal notice and data confidentiality or rights incidentally Identification of the CLOTH THE WORLD, SL or built their headlines as well as the contents them TECHNICAL Protection devices, passwords , codes them outside Username or Others Mechanisms for any information or protections exist in them stunk contents.

d) Use of indebido contents and in particular the information of cualquier clase Obtenido through the website or services with them to send the finalidad autorizades not advertise or discredit or affect negativamente , at any shape its public image.


The user liable for damages CLOTH THE WORLD , SL may suffer for breach of the obligations under the Terms and Conditions . The imposition of administrative penalty or compensation of any other product of administrative decision , judgment of conviction or settlement agreement for breach of any commitment to user assumes , requires him to reinstatement CLOTH THE WORLD , SL of the amount in within 30 calendar days , counted from receipt of the written notice CLOTH tHE WORLD , SL.

The use of the website CLOTH THE WORLD , SL user does on his sole responsibility and at its own risk. CLOTH THE WORLD , SL is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content or content offered on other pages that are accessed through links.

CLOTH THE WORLD , SL does not guarantee the absence of viruses or similar elements that could damage or alter the user's computer system , electronic documents or files, therefore, is not responsible for damages that may result to the user.

Technical defects , the use of the information , contents or services provided through the site does not require CLOTH THE WORLD , SL L
The continuity and availability of this web site depends exclusively on the will of CLOTH THE WORLD , SL The General Conditions , and any other contentious issue with user shall, by express agreement of the user to the laws of the Spanish or failing to territorial jurisdiction for the State from which the services are requested.


CLOTH THE WORLD , SL has created this privacy statement data to corroborate the commitment to protecting its users' privacy .

The purpose of our privacy policy is to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information.
Our database is registered in accordance with regulations in relation to registered in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency Data Protection under the name "File Management "
CLOTH THE WORLD , SL is committed to maintaining the security of the data you provide us and take reasonable steps to protect your personal information against any abuse precautions.
Data will be processed automatically and incorporated into our database , of which CLOTH THE WORLD , SL will own and sole responsibility .
All information you provide will be reserved exclusively for the trade activities of CLOTH THE WORLD , SL No outsider can access data .
In no case CLOTH THE WORLD , SL will be released to any third party information identifying users individually, without the consent of the users. The user may exercise their rights of access , rectification , cancellation and opposition of their personal data , in the terms established by the LOPD , by e -mail in the direction order@titisclothing.com.
CLOTH THE WORLD , SL has adopted the necessary technical nature and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data , in order to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access in accordance with the requirements and conditions required by Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June.
This policy may be changed by CLOTH THE WORLD , SL deems necessary.


The Copyright Designs appearing here is the property of THE WORLD CLOTH Trading Company Ltd. The Copyright covers all rights to exploit these intellectual creations and in any case the reproduction, distribution , and transformation, which can not be done without your permission.

Reproduction means fixing the drawings in a medium that allows communication and obtaining copies of all or part of it.

Transformation means any change in the form of the work of a different work .

The reproduction, plagiarism, distribution or public communication of any of these works without authorization CLOTH THE WORLD , SL , is an offense as defined in Section One of Chapter XI of Title XIII of the Spanish Penal Code , arts. 270 ff , where " offenses relating to intellectual property, and industry , the market and consumers " are regulated. For those who commit such offenses imprisonment up to four years in addition to the resulting fines and various civil liabilities that may be born of the commission thereof are contemplated.

Equally copyright protected internationally by the Berne Convention , the Universal Geneva Convention on Copyright, the Agreed the Paris Union and the Montevideo Convention , ratified by all Spain .